You were born with fire in your belly.

The ambition and fervor of a child untainted by the world’s crippling disclaimers, nothing could stop you. If you wanted to run, you ran. If you wanted to shout, you hollered. If you wanted to jump, you jumped.

If you wanted to build a crappy raft and sink in the lake with your friends, you did it. No questions asked.

Now you have a family, a full-time job, and a list of responsibilities that’s longer than a CEOs necktie.

The world is grey. Your soul is dying more every day. And your biological fire has diminished into a faintly glowing ember.

You’re tired. You’re burnt out. You’re sick of doing the same thing every day, quickly marching toward a grave stone with nothing interesting written on its face.

I get it.

I felt that way once. To be honest, it started with marrying my wife and then having a kid. It seemed I was losing my gusto one commitment at a time — that each “I do” was stealing a piece of my soul and stripping me of my autonomy, of my excitement and passion for life.

But one day, everything changed.

I was sitting on my couch, bitching about my weight, my job, and the town I lived in. My wife listened to my frustrations and then said, “But what if…?”

And that’s when I realized “What if?” are the most powerful words in the universe.

Those two words have prompted me to sell my house and travel the world (with a wife and 2-year old!). They’ve taken me from making $30,000 at a job I hated to making well over 6 figures working wherever, whenever, and however I want. They’ve guided me from having a ho-hum marriage to enjoying the relationship of my dreams with the woman of my dreams. And most of all, they’ve crafted me a life I’m excited to live.

I no longer press snooze.  I no longer engage in crippling self-talk. And I no longer use excuses to be anything less than I’m capable of being. I jump out of bed with excitement and fervor and I approach each day as if it’s my last, because it very well might be.

Once I’d taken back control of my life, I realized my gusto — that lightly glowing ember  inside all of us— was just waiting to be reignited, waiting for torch to touch coals and set it ablaze.

And I believe the same thing is possible for you, no matter how far gone you are.

But how will you do it — how will you get your gusto back?

Well, that’s what I’m going to teach you on this blog.

It won’t always be easy, but the result will be exactly what you expect — a sense of a control over your life, a sense of solidarity and confidence, and a sense of freedom.

Imagine waking up in the morning with passion and excitement, exuding confidence to the people who interact with you, and enjoying your life again (rather than dreading it).

You ready?

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