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10 Quotes from Bruce Lee That Will Rekindle your Masculine Fervor

You once were friends with fire.

That fire, it was a passion that didn’t easily die. It shoved you forward even when everyone else said you were crazy. It fed your fervor for life.

The fire sought glory — the glory of an empire built on your blood and sweat, by your own two hands.

It was unquenchable. Unending. Vigorous.

Until, that is, the day the fire went out.

Actually, it’s been years. It’s almost easy to forget what having that boyish passion was like.

Now, there’s barely a spark. A mild-glowing ember that you fear is on the verge of fading altogether.

But it isn’t.

It can’t.

That flame is your nature — it’s who you are.

It’s simply waiting for you to kindle its flame.

And these 10 lessons and quotes from Bruce Lee, the master of much more than Jeet Kune Do, will help you do just that.

1. Expertise is more powerful than varied experience

If you’re tired, burnt out, and plateaued, it might be because you are focussing on too many things at once. Go back to the basics and master the simple things. That is how you will make progress and become a true master.

2. Execute, don’t overthink

Success, passion, excitement, fervor; thinking can only create a false, short-lived version of these things. Execution, implementation, action, and momentum are the true harbingers of progress.

3. Save showing off for the jester

Seeking approval from others will obliterate your masculine fervor. Instead, seek improvement upon the person you once were.

4. YOU are your limits

True joy comes with conquering mountains, not with creating false ones. Plateaus exist to be defeated. And the more that you defeat, the more confidence you’ll gain in yourself.

5. Focus is more powerful than effort

Don’t split your energy by focussing on too many things at once. Power comes when you focus on one thing — all of your passion, your fervor, and your grit going in the same direction.

6. Think you can win and you will

Your natural abilities are almost irrelevant when you chase something with child-like fervor. Eventually, you’ll win because you believe you can and you refuse to quit.

7. Success favors action

The truth is, it’s impossible to get where you want to go without taking action, without taking the first step, and the next step, and the next. Even when you’re tired.

8. Favor failure over contentment

Don’t be afraid to aim for something higher than you think you can acheive. Failure paves the way to success and it’s a sign that you’re learning something new and exciting.

9. Defeat is relative

If you never accept defeat, than defeat doesn’t exist, only lessons learned.

10. Confidence dies in your mind first

You are only as confident as you believe you are. Confidence is a thing that can be practiced and mastered. And the more that you practice, the more that you’ll believe in yourself.

Your flame is waiting…

Sometimes, your flame will fade.

You’ll wake up without energy. You’ll struggle to enjoy spending time with your family. Work will drain you rather than drive you.

But how long your flame remains dim is up to you.

You have the power (just like every other man) to rekindle that flame with your own two hands — to grab your proverbial flint and steel and strike molten metal upon your soul’s tinder.

You have the power to inspire yourself when you’ve lost your gusto.

And you can use the above 10 quotes from the master of personal growth, Bruce Lee, to find your fervor for life again.

Your soul has been waiting far too long as it is.

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