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You're probably overcomplicating this...

But I know, for an absolute fact, that you only want three things out of life. 

How do I know?

Because they’re the same three things that EVERYONE wants. 

First, you want to make more money more easily. Not because you’re greedy, but because money means freedom. 

That's me and my wife enjoying Croatia, where we lived for 3 months!

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Hey, I'm Mike, and I recently changed my life...

This is me and my wife in Greece, where we lived for a month!

Second, you want to make a bigger impact. You want to contribute to the world and the people around you in a meaningful way… so that your life means something. 

And third, you want to have more fun. You want to enjoy the present and look forward to the future without regrets about the past.

I’m certain that if you accomplished those three things, your life would be radically changed. 

You’d get your gusto back. 

I know… because I managed to accomplish those three things, and my life has radically changed.

"Mike is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. He has a great understanding of human nature and an even better understanding of how to help people achieve real life-change — even when they don't believe in themselves!"

Katie Melissa, Coach & Entrepreneur

How I Transformed My Boring Life Into a Thrilling Adventure 

For me, it all started with being frustrated. 

I was working a full-time job that crippled my creativity and joy. I’d bought a home in the same hometown that I grew up in — a small rural community of just 40,000 people. And although I married one of the best women on the planet, even my 5-year-old marriage was growing stale. 

My finances were suffering, my waistline was expanding… but most of all, my fire had died. 

My drive for living an exciting, meaningful, purpose-driven life had flickered into obscurity.

Most of my time was spent eating food I didn’t need, playing video games that didn’t fulfill me, and working at a job I didn’t enjoy.

Then, my daughter was born—and that felt like the final nail in the coffin of my personal freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my daughter. 

But it was hard… really hard. And I struggled to adapt to the new demands being placed on me as a father. 

For a year, my passion for life grinded to a sickening halt. My temper worsened, my friendships faded, my creativity collapsed. 

In a way, it felt like the end.

That was two years ago. 

Now I’m living in Hawaii with my wife and three-year-old daughter. I’m surfing, hiking, and rock climbing more than anyone deserves. 

I’m making so much money that I don’t even look at the bill when I take my family out to eat. 

My wife and I have a thrilling, passionate relationship. 

I love being a father. 

I love being a husband. 

I love the life I’m living. 

But I’m not telling you this to brag… I’m telling you this because life-change is possible. And it’s far more attainable than you might think. 

So how did I make the change? 

Well, I did something crazy...

I Quit My Job, Sold My House, and Moved My Family Overseas 

Me and my beautiful wife and daughter in Scotland for Christmas!

Everything changed when my wife asked me one simple question. 

Up until now, in every respect, our life was shaping up to be unexciting. 

We’d bought a middle-class home in a middle-class town, never traveled outside of the U.S., made middle-class money, and worked average-joe jobs. 

But both of us craved more. 

As a way to escape the drudgery, we booked a 10-day vacation to Rome. 

Then, one month before leaving for Italy, in a lucky moment of extreme frustration and unusual determination, my wife asked one simple question: 

“What if we just didn’t come back?” 

“What if we just traveled around Europe for a while? What if you just went full-time as a freelancer? What if we sold our house? What if we… just left?” 

At first, I just stared at my wife, disbelieving. 

But she was serious. 

She was dead serious. 

So I called our real estate agent, who said that he could probably sell our house within a month. Then I called my boss, who said that he’d be willing to keep me on as a freelancer. Then we researched visas and found that we could bounce between the U.K. and Europe indefinitely. 

One baby step at a time, our new life stumbled into place. 

And we did it. 

Over 15 months, we traveled to 13 different countries. 

Everything changed from that moment forward. 

My relationship with my wife exploded with passion. My relationship with my daughter became more joyful and rewarding than I’d ever imagined. My income tripled, soaring well past 6 figures. 

Almost by accident, I started living a life that I was excited to live. 

But it wasn’t until one year later that I really discovered—in an unassuming conversation with a friend—why that 15 months had such a radical impact on my life. 

More Fun, More Money, More Impact

Exploring a castle in Europe with my best buddy :)

I know real life-change sounds impossible. 

After all, you’re probably not ready to quit your job and move to Europe next month. 

That’s totally fine. 

You don’t have to do what we did. 

In fact, I now understand that it wasn’t Europe or traveling or quitting my job that made me enjoy my life more… it was just fulfilling those all-important three goals: 

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Get Your Gusto Back

If you had asked me, back in 2017, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that those three things were the key to my happiness. 

In fact, it wasn’t until a friend of mine shared his three criteria for saying “yes” that I realized just how important those three things really are. 

He told me that if something in his life didn’t fit within one of those three criteria (more fun, more money, or more impact), then he wouldn’t do it! 

If a client approached him who was bossy and rude, he would simply refuse to work with them, because he knew that would suck the fun from his life. 

If he was offered a new opportunity, he would always review his three criteria to determine if the opportunity was worth his time and money. 

He did this with everything in his life 

After thinking about this, I realized that all anyone really wants in life is those three things. 

If you have fun every day, make enough money to support your desired lifestyle, and you have a meaningful impact on the world… what more could you possibly want? 

We're in Croatia here! Little Andie is sleeping...

I was having more fun, making more money, and having a greater impact on the world around me. 

Here’s what it boils down to for me: 

I don’t want to be famous… or rich… or sexy… or better than everyone else. 

I just want to make plenty of money for me and my family, have a big impact on the people around me, and have tons of fun while I’m alive. 

That’s it. 

That’s all I want. 

That’s all that anyone wants. 

You’ve got your gusto back. 

Six months ago, I wanted to put those claims to the test. I’d created a 30-day, dead-simple process that anyone could follow to get more clear about what they want, understand the real steps to building their dream life, and then create a weekly action plan to effortlessly guide them toward success. 

I took 10 people through the program, side by side. 

And the results were surprising. 

Not only did people start making real progress toward their dreams, but they felt more fulfilled and joyful along the way. 

Here are just a couple responses I received after people completed the 30-day process: 

And once you’ve got those three things, you can feel the difference… you’re fulfilled, you’re living a life that means something, you’re not worried about finances, your relationships thrive, and you wake up in the morning excited to get out of bed. 

“Before this experiment, I had a lot of fear and anxiety about what I was trying to do due to lack of a structured plan. Going forward, I have a lot more confidence in my ability to complete all of the things I need to because I was able to identify what I wanted, why I wanted it, and specifically how to get it. This has absolutely increased my self confidence, excitement, and clarity when it comes to my goals and the dream I'm trying to achieve.”

- Jen Watkins

"I have to tell you, Mike, I am so appreciative of what you did. You have moved and inspired me and helped me set my goals, and because of that I've been able to get clear on what it really is I want for my life. Thank you for everything. 🧡"

- Sydney

Pretty cool, right? 

What’s even more amazing is that those people have gone on to make long-lasting changes in their lives. One of them has lost more than 50 pounds, one has started making money creating comics, and another has built a real-estate investing business. 

It became clear that this 30-day process wasn’t just something that worked for me… but something that can work for anyone who’s willing to put in just a little bit of work. 

Those who go through this process come out the other side with a better understanding of what they want out of life and how to get it. 

And those who continue with the process end up making more money, having more fun, and impacting more people. 

The best part is, it’s super easy. 

It’s just three simple steps spread out over a 30-day period. 

This process works for anyone, in any walk of life... even if you feel totally defeated. 

And yes, it will work even if your life looks successful on the outside, but you don’t feel fulfilled on the inside.

Once you tackle those three steps, you’ll find that building your exciting life isn’t a destination… but a journey.

In fact, the process of building your exciting life is what’s exciting!

Because you’ll have control of your destiny, you’ll spend your time how you want to spend your time, you’ll feel more motivated, and you’ll be having a ton of fun.

To be clear, this process isn’t about building a million-dollar business or losing 100 pounds or becoming rich and famous… it’s about giving you more control so that you’re living the life you want to live… whatever that looks like.

And rather than making you spend tons of money and tons of time tackling those three steps, I’ve documented my 30-day plan… and I’m giving it to you for free.

Consider it a way for me to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. :)

It’ll help you figure out what you really want out of life, and then create an easy-to-follow plan for building that life.

And I’ll be popping in your inbox every so often to provide you with support, tips, and insights that will help you along the way. 

You ready?

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